Why you must do the thing, follow the mazeway

This is true of Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, science and education, and your social club


Real knowledge, hard-earned, by real people

The artificial intelligence gambit is a ruse


Hello, European Union and Poland: You have the answer

The acquis communautaire and the Polish health tradition need to be on touchscreens everywhere


A post-food economy?

The last mile problem with good eating


John Dewey’s paradise and our ‘pair of dice’

When you look at your high school yearbook, you surely aren’t thinking about John Dewey. If it wasn’t for him and the movement he encouraged, it is likely you wouldn’t have had one.


Me day! me day!

Not as in ‘meee’ day, but as in ‘may’ day, with all important implications


We need a Vienna, but for knowledge and health

The music performance model is not a metaphor or an analogy, but an example of how science can serve the needs of society


Budding is what we do

Isaiah is in agreement with Whitehead from plantings to engendering nations, with people in between


Grampa Quepkachee’s Hero

This is a story of immigration that is good to relate during this time of celebration of the founding of United States.


Demonizing of something referred to as critical race theory which isn’t

Putting smiles back where they belong through phenomenology


Why cybersecurity isn’t secure

Enabling international foes by not enforcing legitimate questions, one at a time



The power of misstatement



Society drives the economy, not the other way around


You have to be taught to hate

In the sunny romp that is the musical South Pacific, a stern message can be found with respect to racism. Part of that message is that one can be racist without knowing it.


The blinking cursor of death

Earning your way into the dialog


Rational war

The fabric of society, dual control & legitimacy, and the Big Zipper


Who owns context?

There are a lot of problems whirling around in our Pandora’s paradise. They emerge furiously from that Box, untethered and awash in some kind of murky plausibility, at least to some.


Fernando Fajnzylber: Food is different

What happens under conditions of want with respect to the fundamental requirements of life?


The future of the future: The Atlantic Alliance must be pacific

Submission for A Transatlantic View on Biden's First 100 Days in Office. Entering a new era of liberal democracy and the progressive motors of a new America



Can you pretend to have a health system?

The world is reeling from lack of preparation dealing with the demands of nature. The naive nature of human metabolism when faced with wild-type viruses is now obvious. We are only very, very lucky that the pain of this highly infectious agent is not greater.


Mihaly’s heaven and our living hell

Only through freely chosen discipline can life be enjoyed and still kept within the bounds of reason


Thucydides was wrong —the conceptual heartland is the thing

Geopolitics is a really bad idea


Ruminations of old white men

I am using an outline provided online by a fellow old white man. We as a group are where society ought to be looking to for wisdom. Unfortunately, society may be depending on us to fade into the sands of time


Big red button of the world

We do not need revolution so much as we need revitalization. We need revitalization of what has gone before, adapted to our times, but a renewal just the same.


The Young Men of Łódź

Łódź was not London, nor Paris, nor New York, but it was a little bit of each and then more. It was another hotbed of human innovation and mercantilism. People living there experienced things, saw things. Among other things, Łódź was at the center of a world, a society, an economy.


Keep these guys away from Jill Biden’s ideas and all

Pearl-clutching time. Joe Biden is a socialist.