Is fluidity on the horizon?

Whether considering infectious transmissions or climate cycles, knowledge and authority come together. If recent experience serves, they collide.


Take away the sandbox and you take away cyber risks

The sandbox itself is the problem.


Dike or no dike?

Why dikes are not politicized in the Netherlands and public health shouldn’t be politicized anywhere.


Left vs right is a false choice

Not able or willing to resolve their own problems in the 17th century, the British took it on themselves to conquer the world and thus heal their pain. It did not work.


Contacts with US Government/State Leadership


Contacts and communication with various US embassy personnel and state and national leaders



I made up the word

My wife is from Idaho, where they make up words all the time. We laughed recently when I used the word “incipient” in a sentence. She said that she made up words that didn’t exist, but should, while I used words that did exist, but shouldn’t.


EU2020DE video program (31 two-minute videos)

Series of video presentations encouraging the EU2020DE program to embrace fluidity and dual control in health and in related fields of governance and legitimacy. These resulted in over 40,000 impressions to this targeted audience in Twitter and LinkedIn, mostly Twitter


The Careful Society:

The Untethered Economy

Acknowledgment of conceptual space and matter-energy in all levels of scale is the key to coexistence and prosperity



OPL/CIMH Health Observatory Method


Two hours to make a difference – Three to stem the tide


Recapitulation of

Triangle of Trust Benefits

OBOR and a Beijing, Warsaw, Abu Dhabi Consensus


2020 Program Policy Brief

The 2020 Program for Global Health is an initiative that makes use of novel, but proven information processing technologies. This program allows health and medical experts to tap into progressively deeper levels of detail than has traditionally been possible, allowing governments to provide universal health coverage to their constituents in much more targeted, knowledge-driven ways. Such detailed approaches can form an integrated whole with markets and industries that can provide lifestyle-related solutions. Such a plan leverages benefits from integrative medical solutions and innovative consumer markets.


Making Governance Easier

There is policy and then there is nature. Only one of those is malleable. Policy represents social preferences, leading to and including choices made after realities of nature present themselves. Ultimately, the limits of such social choices are defined by those natural endowments and constraints.


Permanescence and the Trees of Life

Enlist governance forms of arboriculture and forestry to combine knowledge and authority