Additional information with regard to fluidity and dual control in nature and society.







May the Forces Be with You: Improved Governance by Unmasking

and Employing Hidden Variables

The last century was characterized by the worst failures with regard to governance. This was made infinitely worse due to the co-opting of findings in the field of physics for destructive purposes. Precious findings from investigations by physicists were turned to unimaginable evils, compromising human existence even to this day.We propose a specific program to harmonize knowledge of nature and of society with enhanced application of technologies to achieve levels of legitimacy in governance. Leverage can thus be achieved with respect to both nature and proven societal patterns, including the long history of human civilizations, increasingly uncovered by means of excavation and study.


People-Driven Resolution Cooperative Planning and Doing: The Solution for Times of Recession

We declare – and have done for some time, to little avail – that solutions to the woes and challenges of the people and our environment are to come from an unexpected source: Those self-same people. @dev


A Trilogy for Our Times: Senses and Making Sense

Three papers: The Mysteries of Migration: Hot spots, melting pots, and camelots; Starting Points: Not permission, but modulation; and The Cooperative Nature of Nature: Resonance is nothing new. Actions can be taken -- indeed, they must. Young people know that something needs to be done, but they do not know what. The modern standard is to think something up... This is an unproductive and a dangerous tradition... The point ... is to look to revitalization, to the nature and features of effective civilizations of the past. @dev


2020 Vision for Global Health

E-Cascade and Governance:

Seeing the Future

An update of the 2020 Program for Global Health Policy Brief -- longer than the standard length of policy briefs. This is a declaration of power and confidence in the ability to deliver on the twin promises of the E-Cascade for planning for health finance on a national level and fluidity, the ability to empower experts and authorities in the deployment of technology in the interests of society. @dev