Additional information with regard to fluidity and dual control in nature and society.







2020 Program responses from European leadership

Contacts with European health system and political leadership, 2013-2018



Pacific Rhyme: The geopolitics of neo-geopolitics

The Pacific Rim is often cited as a significant phenomenon. There is indeed a geological feature represented therein. The rim of mountains and fissures around the world's largest ocean undermines the geological stability of nations and peoples in question – they are enlivened and active. Although the Pacific might be considered as a back door to human history, it has always been there physically, refreshing nature and serving as seedbed for climatic conditions worldwide, ultimately serving as framework for many cultures and countries. Its profound nature may well save mankind in more than one way. @dev


...and then, what?

Securing Peace and Prosperity In Southeast Europe and Elsewhere  @dev


Cyphers of Revitalization: The Reality of Measure and the Korzybski Challenge

America embodied conceptual space before it did ideas of physical empire. It started out in this way, but made a critical error that instigated the drift to LH. Self-sufficiency has become an object of scorn. The numbers game does nothing to drum up respect, even reverence for process with regard to either nature or society. Knowing how to combine these is a critical missing @dev


From Peasantry to Pleasantry: Winning the Post-Post-Modern Semantic Fight for Consumption and Peace

In summary, there is hope. Answers to our conundrums are to be found in the past – many examples of the past, in fact. This is true with regard to the needs of the people this is true with regard to the possibilities for effective policy. Pekka Himanen indicates that we could all benefit from greater dignity in this regard, something that would result from these. That would indeed be pleasant @dev


Society(n) Economics: What is a government to do?

There is nonetheless a form of modern arrogance, laced with ignorance. To say that anything is ‘traditional’ is a put-down. This hasn’t seemed to be a problem until lately; there have been enough distractions to mask that which has become obvious and burdensome: We do not know how to live. @dev


Conceptual Heartland: The Ultimate Frontier

'Peasant power,' submission, and American remembrance  @dev