Expressive Knowledge,

The Seminal Global Public Good

The following analysis with recommendations is based on review of the presentations and discussions carried out in two programs, the three-day 2022 CSIS Global Dialogue (2022 CSIS-GD) sponsored by CSIS, ADB, ERIA, and T20, and the one-day T20 session sponsored by SCCIC, BAKTI, oesmart 2022, and G20 Indonesia. The meetings took place online from April 27-29, 2022. Commentary on these presentations is included in a section at the end of the paper.



“Empowering Digital Citizens: Making Humane Markets Work in the Digital Age”


Empowering Digital Citizens: Making Humane Markets Work in the Digital Age (EDC) was published on 28 March 2022, collectively by Global Solutions, the Global Initiative for Digital Empowerment (GIDE), and THE NEW INSTITUTE. Written by Dennis J. Snower and Paul D. Twomey, the report outlines a comprehensive program for reversing inequities and anomalies in global use of digital systems by the public. EDC considers requirements of empowering citizens through “human-centric digital governance”.


Bad hobbit

It is really a bad idea to force ignorance onto others


Rational war in the post-strongman era

Preventing activation of the “Big Zipper”. We must continue to fight wars, but of a different kind. We need to fight for process over prerogative, of rationality and order over chaos and destruction. This involves both our interactions with nature and commitments and enterprises among the people. As an example of what we mean, we published a book in 2015 on the subject — Rational War


Real fellowship — more Slavic, less Varangian

Let the Ukrainians be your guides. As with the Ukrainians, the Kosovars had been ‘all in’ as were the American colonists whose rights and identities had been held in question. We can read about this. We can discuss it. We can come to appreciate it and honor it. We who have not experienced it directly do not know it.


Sustained collective action is the solution

Let the echoes of history tell the story. Ironically, the battles being fought in Northern Ukraine today are the site of the Pripet Marshes, that place that defined the early years of the Slavic peoples, where they could hide their gardens in the face of conquering armies and could stoically survive for centuries as they formed their cultural roots.


This is not a time to “sit tight and assess”: Do “look up” and fix governance

Governance is effective nowhere. Perhaps some countries make effective use of simple situations, but where realities of nature and of societal preferences and commitments are concerned, the dumpster fires of organization failure rage throughout the world.