Relationships between governance and finance and the health problem became more evident. The question of relationships between health-related policies and other functions of government was considered. Initial investigations of conditions and opportunities in the Middle East were studied.






Human Survival Model

The basic concept of survivability is expressed in the following equation. Survival in this sense is the result of recognition of valid knowledge forms and the sponsorship of experts in the use of such knowledge in primary electromagnetic forms. @dev


System Grounded in Nature, Smart System

Shorter of two comprehensive presentations on nature of the 2020 Program and related improvements @dev


Building a Smart Health System Using Trees

Which would you rather have? • A system that is irrelevant, set in stone, and expensive • A system that does exactly what you want, is never out of date, and makes use of resources that you already have? @dev


Deep Context: The key to knowledge-driven

universal coverage

Basics of the 2020 Program for Global Health as of that time. This includes visual examples of a hub-and-spoke structure, emphasizing data from the China Studies as applied in Southeast Europe.


Nose in the Tent

Specific targets/objectives for 2020 Program promotion to government groups


Tripartite Partnership: Conclusive Resolution of Social, Political, Economic & Environmental Issues

Head (physical science), heart (musical performance model), hand (public-private partnership & permanescence) @dev


The 21st Century Governance Solution

Problem 1: Government legitimacy for the European Union at large is held in question by many...Problem 2: Economic vulnerability and unevenness persist... @dev


OPL Expozone

From exposure zone, from Exposome/Precision Medicine literature: Software, Hardware, Sensors, and Devices for Homes, Businesses, and Public Places


Profundities LLC as IT partner

Unique nature of technology in support of organizational legitimacy, dual control, and fluidity


Understanding the Causes of the Health Crisis and Applying the Solution

All aspects of the health crisis with emphasis on neuro-musculo-skeletal disease burden issues @dev


Bringing Optimum Performance Living Within Reach

The chronic disease crisis is artificial. With the right information and with guidance, we can achieve optimum performance in life -- eliminating disease and establishing lifestyles in line with our native abilities. The point isn't what we have to give up to live optimal lives, it is what we could make use of and could carry out to improve our lives that we have never heard of. Optimum Performance Living is a program to combine data with scientific interpretation to provide such guidance. @dev


What We Think Or Hope We Know

Great opportunity, need for country-level innovation, five major areas of leadership


UAE National Health Proposal

How to avoid the doubling of health costs and more through dual control and fluidity


The Dubai/OPL opportunity

Leader: Optimum Performance Living (OPL) Internet of everything [“fluidity” of knowledge, better than Google/Apple, etc/including furniture & appliances], universal “OPL” design [including transportation] Office of the future – more comfortable and functional home of the future – adaptable to individual needs, greater comfort when awake and asleep


Draft letter on UAE and Dubai

Aspects of the program could help to extend and solidify the Dubai brand in several large, key markets. Furthermore, it will reverse the trend in health care costs and provide a foundation for defeating chronic disease conditions in UAE and in the region.


center.rising: Poland Saves the Day

Poland has participated in the “sturm und drang” of being in the center of it all, sometimes as a participant and leader, often as victim. Poland has learned to adapt and to lead, to exploit nuances, and to survive. Poland has developed a reputation among the nations of the world of leading while appearing to follow. It is with this reputation that we recommend action. The leading factions may not be ready for leadership from the center, although this is clearly what the world needs. We offer two concepts, technology, and a plan. Our object is to be Poland's valued partner in this endeavor, to resolve telling domestic problems in terms of control, prosperity, and the well-being of the Polish people while leading out in these important areas on the international scene.