This was a period of considerable importance to development of the 2020 Program, its concepts and relationships. Initial relationships were developed in conjunction with Dr. Tingey's trips to Europe, Southeast Europe and the East Coast of North America.







Radio Shack and OPL Retail

Proposal for partnership in the turnaround of Radio Shack, leveraging both the strong historical position of that company and the strong prospects for Optimum Performance Living (OPL) as outlined in the 2020 PROGRAM FOR GLOBAL HEALTH ( This combination will help to usher in a new era for consumer markets and retail, imposing permanent solutions where there are widely used, but partial and temporary.


Letter to Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group

Programs in Poland, Indonesia, and Southeast Europe are of particular importance. Conditions in Poland favor a project that would reduce systemic risk in that country and ultimately throughout the world. Fluidity and dual control, as we have described, can work together to eliminate gaps between legislative and regulatory requirements and compliance. They constitute the solution to systemic limitations and contribute to the many catastrophic system development failures that persist.


Poland Leadership

Poland leadership Health & Medicine, comprehensive, integrated/integrative medicine and health @dev


Realizing the Rewards in Healthcare

Enlightenment, a systematic solution, a data-based approach, national level single-payor system, optimum performance living, many partnerships, education of central importance @dev


Earning the Trust of the People Through Effective Health Systems

dev Supporting good health is a key governance role. Success in this key area, by its very nature, signals that a government cares for its people. The axiomatic nature of such a point merits attention. In effective support for good health, a government is caring for its people.


Winners and Losers

Picking our partners to implement “The Solution”


Human-Centered Fluidity Over Machine-based Design for Smart System Development

Using machines to empower people in the Europe 2020 Program @dev


Mr. Marcel Haag, Head of Unit, Europe 2020, Competitiveness and Innovation

The 2020 Program is to establish high volume, high technology health data collection centers and governmental data repositories... Not only will this bring significant fiscal benefits by reducing the incidence of disease, particularly expensive chronic disease, it will open up many regional and global business development opportunities.


Proposed presentation to: World Health Organization, Noncommunicable Diseases & Mental Health (NMS) Cluster in Geneva, Switzerland

(1) Presentation of the book “2020 Program for Global Health”, (2) Scientific groundings for knowledge-driven universal coverage, and (3) Features of knowledge-driven universal coverage (KDUC): If an answer to your health condition exists in the world within the public domain, an answer informed by good practice and existing science, universal coverage means that you have a right to that information.


Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine & Health Corporation – Slovenia

The Slovenian Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Corporation (CIMH-SI) has the solution for the health care crisis facing Slovenia and its people. CIMH-SI has designed a program for establishing low cost, universal health and medical testing and evaluation systems in Slovenia. The CIMH-SI program consists of comprehensive and unique testing methodologies, data collection systems, taxonomies, synthesizing and interpreting clinical and health exchange data.


Prosperity, Piece by Piece

Knowledge-Driven Universal Coverage & Global Health Priorities: A Commentary on the World Bank Universal Health Coverage (UNICO) Publications @dev


Kosovar Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Corporation

The Kosovar Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Corporation (KCIMC) is a program for establishing low cost, universal health and medical testing and evaluation systems within Kosovo. The KCIMC plan involves construction of a data collection, laboratory, evaluation, education, and dissemination facility. The facility will fill a critical aspect of the Kosovar health care system, allowing providers as well as clients to avert chronic disease conditions and assume optimum living patterns.


Kosovar Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Organizing Partnership

The Kosovar Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Organizing Partnership, L.P., (KCIMOP) is a collaborative program for the establishment of a rational, integrated approach to health and medicine based on proven principles. These include negotiated public/private payment agreements based on capitation, the use of technology-mediated checklists to make sure that all participants, including clients and patients, know precisely what is needed of them at any point in time, and a means of integrating scientists and expert practitioners into the checklist development process. A novel technology will be used to support dynamic checklist development. KCIMOP will provide technological and educational resources through its various partners to support this critical process.


Outline of Project Starting Points

TO: Participants in the 2020 Program/Kosovo Project


Bosnian-Herzegovinian Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Corporation

The BHCIMC plan involves a capital commitment for construction of a data collection, laboratory, evaluation, education, and dissemination facility. The facility will fill a critical aspect of the system, allowing BHCIMC organizations, providers, and clients to establish aggressive preventative measures as have been proven in the preventive medicine community in the United States and elsewhere.


Health Care Crisis, MusculoSkeletal Burden: Framing the Crisis in the Present

To provide tools to move one from dependency to independence regarding health care decisions. @dev


Deep Context and the Central/Southern Europe Opportunity

The people of Central Europe enjoy higher levels of sophistication with regard to economics and political governance that people in any other part of the world. For the most part, such populations experienced Soviet-led policies over extended periods. This provides perspective and experience in the introduction of deep context, fluidity, and dual control.


Montenegrin Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Corporation

As is the case globally, Montenegro is in a state of emergency with regard to public health: C., G. 2012, August 29. No miracle cure, Eastern approaches. The Economist; Cienski, J. 2011, September 5. Montenegrin hospitals: Going private, Beyondbrics. Financial Times.


Google and Amazon “Houses on the Sand”

The Criticality of Fluidity and Deep Context: Health and Medicine and The Permanent Online Solution


Fluidity and Dual Control

Leading to Successful Public/Private Partnerships in Health and Medicine


Polish Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine Organizing Partnership

“Killing Two Birds With One Stone” in health and economic development: €500,000 in Limited Partnership Interests In Ten (10) €50,000 Limited Partnership Units. A collaborative program for the establishment of a rational, integrated approach to health and medicine based on proven principles.


On With Their Heads: Luca Pacioli and Health Care Capitation

A capitation system, where fixed costs per person are levied, serves as the best way to control costs while providing ongoing, useful services to the largest number of people in such an environment. Capitation introduces a critical factor to the process: A life cycle approach to cost. @dev



[Draft] proposal to UK government to implement the Francis Inquiry proposals

Dr. LL Weed's suggestion is that the answer should be given to the people involved when they need it and their job should be to address the issue caringly, with skill and confidence. As he says, this can only occur with the assistance of technology. That technology needs to be fully imbued with the answers, up-to-date, and watched over by experts, scientists, administrators, etc., with the capacity to think through the issues in the abstract so that appropriate answers are provided. This process should be guided by data as needed, which may far exceed the capacity of any individual to sort through such conditions. What is needed isn't a "reasoning machine", an "artificial intelligence machine" as you read so much about. What is needed is a combination of trees to branch through, to sort through, if you will, all of the relationships to come up with the most viable alternatives. It is not complex as in calculus, it is complicated, as in a big forest.


The UK's Francis Medical Inquiry: The End of an Era and the Beginning of the Age of Health and Well-Being

Poland is a logical place to begin this effort. By establishing regional services there based on the Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine model, a part of the 2020 Program, a pattern can be establish there that will apply elsewhere. This model combines integrative/preventative medicine techniques with proven private-public payment models and fluid information processing capabilities (which will need to be described), a pattern of success will emerge that will apply to countries around the world. Associated commercial opportunities are unprecedented in our time


Polish Integrated Medicine Corporation

The Polish Integrated Medicine Corporation (PIMC) is a program for consolidation fo hospital ad health care organizations within Poland. Under leadership fo Dr. Moroslaw Manicki, select hospital organizations are selected for inclusion in the plan, which will serve as a model for Poland specifically and for other countries as wel.


2020 Plan Knowledge-driven Global universal coverage in this decade

Integrated Medicine Plan for Poland