Much of the work for 2016 has been in support of regional cooperation. This is of particular importance with respect to governance and finance opportunities available by means of dual control and fluidity. This is indeed an opportunity for introduction of higher levels of performance and legitimacy by governments and by regional and multilateral institutions.







Paying for Quality Impossible Without Dual Control

Management divorced from knowledge makes total quality improvement impossible. @dev


Fluidity as it Applies to Health, Medicine, and a New Performance Reality

This is a revised version of the "Jiffylube" article, describing the 2020 Program for Global Health and the plan from a functional standpoint. @dev


Stability and R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Governing Through Partnership in Society’s Empire

From a cultural and social standpoint, we can see that success has been achieved.In fact, the kind of success that has been realized in terms of stability in some cases can be measured by hundreds of years, extending to thousands of years. Such success stories, with stability in mind, give rise to optimism regarding our times, particularly as we have technologies and capabilities that could perhaps assist in designing and implementing such kinds of programs. Scientific questions are considered in other papers. @dev


Selected Historical Examples of Effective Multilevel Governance

Legitimacy through dual control in the Middle East @dev


Operationalizing the Theory of Everything: The Five Families of Cycles

Human affairs seem to stumble on from crisis to crisis. With regard to the economy in particular – but also with regard to society and politics – the “fair skies” of good times tend to be interrupted by unexpected events. Whenever it seems that it is time to relax and declare victory with regard to public affairs, disturbances appear which, we are at time told, “…could not have been anticipated, or predicted.” There is a way to more effectively secure our future. All of creation is based on cycles. Everywhere we look we find processes converting inputs to outputs in predictable ways. @dev


Why Dual Control, Fluidity, and the Triangle of Trust Matter

We offer answers to related questions. No, these are not based on “peer review”, nor do they represent concepts “teased” out of the general linear model. They reference the simultaneous application of authoritative and knowledge-based processes. This is dual control, a major contributor to organizational legitimacy. We propose the establishment of associated policies and systems in China, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates based on these and related concepts. Such efforts would extend from domestic programs in finance and governance to effective international relations efforts among the nations of the world. This is conceived of as the “Triangle of Trust” based in the political programs of the three countries in question.


Dual Control, Trust & the Internet of Things

Information technologists are nothing if not brave. They brazenly ignore mandates by nations and governance bodies. They strong-arm funds from all sectors at unsupportable levels in the face of breathtaking failure to deliver on promises dating back decades, long enough that few remember what promises were made in the first place. One result of such hubris is that for competitors who meet such promises, the opportunity exists to “clean the table” and to take initiative in information technology markets in conclusive and longstanding ways. This can be done through “dual control” and “fluidity” of knowledge of experts and authorities. These allow for integrated,computer-based support of vertical (authoritative) and horizontal (knowledge-based) processes. @dev


2020 Program for Global Health: Economic Development Tiers

Graphical representation of the progress of developments from elimination of disease conditions to optimum performance living, ability identification and enhancement, and improved governance and social outcomes. @dev


Polentry: Policy the Polish Way, Leveraging Polish Fluidity Tradition with Dual Control

Cooperation is the thing in the game of life, ultimately, where it comes to meeting the needs of the people. The people do have needs, and they must be met. Rhetoric on its own is no cure. Often operating under the radar, it must be known that Poland has a long history of meeting such needs. On the heels of Brexit, it is important to come to understand the implications of “Polentry,” an understanding of the Polish way of carrying out public-private partnership in a mixed environment, where Poland’s long history of cooperation and compromise comes into focus. This can now be reintroduced to the benefit of all.


Governance & Finance – Trees Are the Answer Video Script

Script for presentation by Kenneth Tingey with regard to trees and the need for a new model for governance and finance. Based on concepts brought forward by Frederich Hayek and Joseph Schumpeter, the presentation makes the case that tree-based logic allows for conquest of the "Hayek knowledge problem," opening the door for details, process-based models in governance, economics, and finance.


Breaking Through the Iron Cage: The Knowledge Problem Must be Resolved

Everything points to the end of an era, yet we all continue on. What does this mean, “the end of an era,” and what are its implications? To understand these questions, we must understand what the era in question is. Even before that, we must come to an understanding of what an era is. This is not necessarily obvious. @dev


Cycles of Life: Groundings for Human Affairs

Consideration of a nested approach to cycles, from natural/physical cycles to social and economic cycles. Consideration of benefits from such a nested approach by means of fluidity and dual control. Emphasis on natural, social, capitalist, market-based, and monetary ties based on the work of David Bohm, Talcott Parsons, Joseph Schumpeter, Frederich Hayek, and John Maynard Keynes, in that order. @dev


Fluidity as it Applies to Health, Medicine, and a New Performance Reality

Fluidity of knowledge is the future. When the knowledge of “how to do things” flows freely between man and machine, health and medicine will change for the good. The same is true for governance and finance, and for mankind’s relationship with nature. Technology can make this possible, but the key to its success lies in the commitments and efforts of non-technologists, who can provide a more acute, nuanced understanding of the characteristics and benefits of such a program. @dev


2020 Program Policy Brief

2020 Program for Global Health: Knowledge-Driven Universal Coverage From the “Triangle of Trust” to the World


Arriving at A Beijing-Warsaw-Abu Dhabi Consensus

Leadership In Global Finance and Governance, Parts I, II, and III


Building the Triangle of Trust

Trust is at the core of a providential future, but what exactly is trust? There is much fine work in this area and we will call attention to much of it presently. To move forward at this point, we need an operational definition, an understanding of the phenomenon that will help to evaluate current conditions and to establish a policy framework that will support resolution of critical deficiencies. Dual control and fluidity provide important perspectives in understanding how such an operational definition can be constructed.


CIMH Global Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine & Health Corporation

CIMH Global's principal mission is to achieve the objectives of the 2020 Program for Global Health. The expansion of knowledge-directed universal coverage to the one hundred major world cities by 2025, the end of this decade. By introducing the knowledge element into health governance, significant higher expectations result. Furthermore, a knowledge-directed approach to organizational performance generally introduces new possibilities to governments and organizations with regard to their legitimacy, ability to deliver needed services and outcomes to their people, and eliminate traditional opportunities for fraud, corruption, and organizational failure. This simultaneous functioning of top-down, authoritative control and horizontal, knowledge-based control, is known as dual control, a highly desirable condition.


Comprehensive/Integrated Medicine & Health Corporation Country Examples

Launching the CIMH Optimum Performance Living (OPL) brand “Killing Two Birds With One Stone”: With examples in Slovenia, Kosovo, and Poland


Arriving at a Beijing-Warsaw-Ankara Consensus

Leadership In Global Finance and Governance, Parts I, II, and III


Triangle of Trust Among China, Poland & Turkey

China, Poland, and Turkey are in position to leverage their strong social and historical foundations. They are historically very important – respective leaders in critical political and economic traditions. They are also importantly-placed from a geopolitical standpoint. While the Beijing-Warsaw-Ankara Consensus (BWA Consensus)1 provides guidelines as to how governance and finance based on dual control and fluidity of knowledge can be administered, the Triangle of Trust entails specific projects to employ these concepts in and between these three strategically-analogous countries.


Conclusiveness in Governance

Once a problem is solved in one place, it is solved in every place @dev


Dual Control the Solution to Multilevel Governance

Poland as example of success followed by erosion of legitimacy @dev


Migration Guidance As An Avenue to Dual Control

Rebuilding Civilization in Each Interview @dev


Dissenting Views from a Hut Near Piotrków Trybunalski

Doing Something About Governance. Dedicated to Feng Guifen, the first great Chinese reformer. @dev


Good Governance to the Rescue

Using Dual Control To Meet the Needs of the People @dev


Establishing the Triangle of Trust

Bridging Governance and Prosperity Gaps in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe @dev


Supporting Refugee Health While Preserving Schengen: Providing Health Services To People In Transition

Working with governments in question, the 2020 Program proposes to leverage a wide range of systems and programs from very local to global initiatives operating, both in normal circumstances and natural and man-made integrative vehicle for community development, prosperity, and peaceful coexistence. emergency/disaster situations. In this way, a “Corridor of Trust” can be @dev


OPL and Social Services on the Go

Bridging Governance Gaps in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe @dev


Leveraging Proven Testing Technology that has been Held Back from the Market -- Not even available during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Unique aspect of available testing for 2020 Program for Global health @dev

Confidential. Available upon request to appropriate parties [proven-testing-technology]