Emphasis of laboratory-related work and Dr. Farnes' work in flexibility and strength took place. Assistance from Foxconn/Hon Hai was a real boost in this period.






Fluidity as it Applies to Health & Medicine

The prudent use of data in support of good health, featuring JiffyLube


Health 4.0 Knowledge-Driven Universal Coverage Health Care for the Rest of the World

If knowledge of your health or medical condition exists in the world in the public domain, you have a right to that information, as does your health provider @dev


Health 4.0 Business Plan, Summary and Appendices

Health 4.0 will be the leader in low cost, early stage diagnosis and screening for high mortality diseases and chronic pain. These services will provide the foundation for knowledge-driven universal coverage in developing and low income countries. This will provide for better forms of cost control and improved services through a detailed, constant flow of personal health data and highly targeted guidance based on that data.


Healthy Muscles and Joints: Looking Beyond the Obvious

Farnes Policy Brief: An approach to muscle and joint care by physical therapist Dr. Larry Farnes is based on analysis of approximately 150 measures of movement, flexibility, and strength.


White Paper: Fluidity as Key to Universal Coverage

Knowledge-Driven Universal Coverage in Healthcare and Medicine for Global Public Health Group @dev


Biomarker Testing Note

Fon Hon-Hai Precision Industries: Biomarker plan


Health 4.0 Calibrating & Extending Physical Performance & Entertainment Device and System Opportunities

Device and System Opportunities For Acer/iGware


Taiwan as Global Health-Related Gateway

Using Fluidity to Support Universal Coverage. For Yong Lin Health Foundation, National Taiwan University, and Local Practitioners


Foxconn/Hon Hai Health 4.0 Plan

Health 4.0 demonstration, PQ issues, generative taxonomy examples, biomarker costs, and organizational plans


Health 4.0: Identifying deadly disease and minimizing pain

New opportunities for services and devices


Health 4.0 Identifying Deadly Disease & Minimizing Pain

Device Opportunities


Health 4.0 Proposal for Hon Hai Industries

Benefit 1: The project will significantly improve the health and well-being of your employees. Benefit 2: The project will introduce new kinds of electronic devices with global market potential.


Ruminating Over Numbers: Forestalling Death and Overcoming Pain

The key to our future is to be well and to stay well. What stands in our way? Death and pain. @dev


Farnes Presentation: The Challenge Before Us Today in Musculoskeletal Disease

Systemic Musculoskeletal Diagnosis to resolve the two major problems: Problem # 1 - Lack of a standardized systemic musculoskeletal diagnostic system leads to over-utilization of services. Problem # 2 - Increased musculoskeletal treatment utilization leads to increased treatment costs.


The Process Century, Fluidity, and “El Sistema”

If the 21st Century isn’t termed the “Process Century,” it should be. If we do not embrace processes as a means of resolving the dysfunction of organizations, we are in deep trouble. The organizational challenges we currently face are in fact quite unnecessary. Music performance is demonstrated as an example of how this works and has worked for many centuries. @dev